July 16, 2019

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As a token of appreciation, I want to personally acknowledge Willies Media LLC donors, supporters, and Politics Done Right subscribers. Willies Media LLC is the umbrella for all of our websites and programs including PoliticsDoneRight.com, EgbertoWillies.com, TheLiberalNetwork.com, SinglePayerHealthcare.com, and other sites.

The Mainstream Media’s hands are tied. They are dependent on advertising corporate dollars. As such they do not have the latitude to be as forthright as they should be. They don’t cover topics that empower Americans. As such they are used in a manner that encourages Americans to vote against their own interests. Your support of this independent network ensures that at least a slice of America will be enlightened. I guarantee you that over time your support is multiplicative and over time we will right our American ship.

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Thank you so kindly for your support. The other side has Koch and the Plutocracy. We have you! And it is you is instrumental in ensuring change.

Egberto Willies

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